Jutel's best known product, Jutel RadioMan, is a comprehensive radio automation, scheduling, media asset management and broadcasting solution that suits any radio broadcaster. Our customers range from commercial music radios to national and international broadcasters, where the ability to broadcast multiple programmes on multiple delivery channels using multiple languages is required.


RadioMan Enterprise Edition is a comprehensive solution for large broadcast organisations who demand the best solutions in the market.


RadioMan Express is a full-featured radio automation system in an easy-to-install-and-learn package for 3 to 10 workstations.


Jutel Quick Edit Pro is our professional multitrack audio editor designed especially for journalist use.



Jutel HIPman is a Hierarchical IP Audio distribution management solution, which provides a high-level control and management layer to IP audio network devices with specified access rights for organisations, groups and individuals. It simplifies the control of broadcasters' IP contribution and distribution networks providing significant operational cost savings.


Our mission is to ensure the competitiveness of our customers in the fast-paced world of digital media.