Integrated products


Newsroom system integration



RadioMan - ENPS integration is a perfect marriage between a newsroom system and radio content management and broadcasting solution. The ENPS newsroom system is tightly integrated with the RadioMan workflow and On-Air software.

The MOS integration of Jutel RadioMan and ENPS makes it possible to browse and edit audio files within ENPS; transfer rundowns and scripts from ENPS to RadioMan; publish audio files from RadioMan to ENPS and broadcast ENPS rundowns from RadioMan.

With Jutel RadioMan and ENPS integration, all incoming information is instantly transmitted into the SQL database. RadioMan automatically updates story slugs and links to audios contained in stories when they are transferred from ENPS to Jutel RadioMan.

With RadioMan's MOS redirection feature, audio files can be automatically copied between the sites when a story or a rundown is copied from one site to another.


AVID - iNews

The RadioMan Enterprise Edition - Avid iNews newsroom system integration makes audio handling possible for every news journalist. RadioMan and iNews communicate through the industry-standard MOS protocol to publish audio items from RadioMan to iNews, and to transfer playlists from iNews to RadioMan for on-air playout. Prelistening audios within iNews is also possible. Any audio item in iNews can be opened to RadioMan Quick Edit Pro for audio editing and saved back to its original location after editing. Fast and convenient.



The RadioMan Enterprise Edition - Transtel NewsManager newsroom integration utilises Transtel as the text front-end for RadioMan.


External music scheduling



The RadioMan Enterprise Edition - GSelector integration provides a music scheduling alternative for RadioMan's own music scheduling software. The flexible and transparent integration gives the user full freedom to select into which system to import the music tracks first. The RadioMan-GSelector interface synchronises the metadata and audio between the systems and even converts the audio to the right format when needed. The music schedule is sent to RadioMan with all necessary information including crossfades and promo slots (empty slots can be filled in later). RadioMan naturally returns the "as played" information to GSelector.


Sales and traffic


RadioMan has been integrated with various commercial traffic applications.

Please contact us to find out how to integrate your traffic software with RadioMan.